Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville will expand into a new campus in the heart of the city. The New Vision of Health Campus will be a world-class research center studying how to improve environmental and social conditions for better health. It will bring together the academy and the community to develop citizen scientists learning how to make decisions through the lens of all forms of health.

HRH Prince Charles – United Way Worldwide

HRH Prince Charles discusses the importance of stronger and more sustainable societies through the Health and Harmony of our people, of our communities, and of our planet. 

Birkhall, Scotland, 2019.

The Circle of Harmony & Health

The Circle of Harmony & Health is a tool to help guide and empower individuals and communities to live the healthiest, most-balanced life possible, and to understand the interconnection between all forms of health.

HRH The Prince of Wales Video Message of Support. April 2016.

Harmony Circle: HRH Prince Charles’ Speech at Cathedral of the Assumption

HRH Prince Charles’ 2015 Harmony speech in Louisville, Kentucky

Harmony Circle: Ignite Speeches

Speeches which ignite HRH Prince Charles’ Harmony Principles


Ignite Speakers: Christina Lee Brown, Ted Smith, David Wilson, Patrick Holden, Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar, Alice Waters, Dr. Alonzo Plough, Lt. General Patricia Horoho, Dr. Wes Jackson, Bishop Gunner Stalsett, Rhea Suh, Tom Steyer, Gary Hirshberg, Eric Schlosser, Ian Skelly


To see the full list of Ignite Speaker videos, click here.

HRH Prince Charles

HRH Prince Charles visits Louisville, KY in 2015 to discuss Nature, Harmony, and all forms of Health.

HRH Prince Charles Discusses the Importance of Sustainable Local Food Systems 

St. James Palace, London, England. February 2013.

Kentucky Center for African American Heritage

KCAAH’s goals are to enhance the public’s knowledge about the history, heritage, and cultural contributions of African Americans in Kentucky. In addition to its commitment to preserving the traditions and accomplishments of the past, the Center is a vital, contemporary institution, providing space for performances of all types.

The Circle of Harmony & Health – Mission 2020

Learn more about how the Circle of Harmony & Health is impacting our community!

Co-Immunity Project

The purpose of this project is to help healthcare workers determine if they have been unknowingly exposed to COVID-19, to measure how much immunity was generated by such exposure, and to identify those with the best immune responses as donors of high quality plasma for rescue treatment of patients with advanced COVID-19.

Harmony & Health in Louisville

Learn how the Circle of Harmony & Health has influenced Louisville’s built environment.


Learn how Kentucky National Lands Trust is inspired by the Circle of Harmony & Health.

Rootbound Farm

Harmony is a replicable model of health for every community. We’re putting it into action in our own. Reflected by the interconnected petals of the Circle of Harmony & Health, we know that all forms of health are important to build a truly healthy world.

Harmony Circle: Sacred Journeys

“Our real journey in life is interior.” – Thomas Merton

Festival of Faiths 2015, Louisville, Kentucky: Sacred Journeys and the Legacy of Thomas Merton

Green Heart

Green Heart Louisville is a unique study, and the first of its kind to rigorously and scientifically assess the impact of green space on air quality and health in urban communities.

Why Louisville is in the “Coronary Valley” and What We Can Do

Louisville, Kentucky, is located in the Ohio Valley and our air quality is sometimes unhealthy, especially for people with asthma or COPD. This is a dangerous combination for everyone’s health. Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD, is an environmental cardiologist at the University of Louisville. He studies how our environment affects our health. Here he explains why the Ohio Valley is often called the “Coronary Valley.”

Involuntary, Continuous, and Pervasive

If you stop smoking, your body can recover. But what can you do if you like in a place with polluted air? Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD, of the University of Louisville School of Medicine explains how bad air affects everyone’s health all the time.