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The week of July 27, 2020

AS LOUISVILLE CONTINUES TO MOURN the murder of Breonna Taylor and mobilize with defiance at a system that refuses to prosecute justice on her behalf, we know we must all be part of the solution to prevent any more tragedies like this in America. We know there will be many days of action to come with Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s key announcement on the horizon, yet we also know we must change the broader institutional racism that pervades this city and every American city. We must be focused on serious structural change in new kinds of ways to improve the economic, environmental, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and physical health of Black lives for many years to come.

The problem is clear.
IT IS TIME TO ACT. And we are thankfully seeing nonprofits, philanthropy, government, businesses confronting racial inequity internally and externally with those they serve. As we do, and as we prepare for longer-term strategic work, we’ve been referencing a set of important resources that we have gathered. We encourage you to review them and invite you to share others you may have to add. 

NOW is the time we should be asking ourselves if our lives are in balance. HEALTH is more than what you eat or how many steps you take. In order to help you achieve true, balanced health, we've created a simple tool that will guide you through holistic health.  

Join us in this opportunity to become a part of the New Vision of Health. Sign up here to take the first steps towards restoring your healthier balance. 
LOCAL ARTIST, Lloyd Kelly, created a broadside for Canopy to uplift the importance of racial equity and honor Breonna Taylor, for whom the 27 Campaign is named in honor of. Breonna was killed shortly before her 27th birthday. In June 2020, Canopy launched the 27 Campaign and Fund to rally Kentucky's business community to demonstrate the cross-industry commitment to supporting racial justice. With support from partners, Canopy is offering educational content to help organizations strengthen their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and they've initiated the 27 Fund dedicated to investing in Black-owned businesses. Learn more about the 27 Campaign by visiting canopyky.org
CO-IMMUNITY PROJECT REVEALS COVID-19 TO BE FAR MORE WIDESPREAD. Results from the second phase of the Co-Immunity Project, a groundbreaking project developed at the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute to track COVID-19 in Jefferson County, show that 4 to 6 times more people than previously reported may have been exposed to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. Read more here.
FURTHER, while we have long known the burden that unhealthy air, water and soil has disproportionately had on BLACK HEALTH, we are seeing the tragedy of these underlying effects in a disproportionately high infection rate in West Louisville. It is so critical that we continue to build upon that work and understand the interconnectedness of air, water and soil and our current COVID-19 pandemic. Jim Bruggers wrote a must-read article in June entitled, “Louisville’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Demonstrations Continue a Long Quest for Environmental Justice.” 

WE BELIEVE giving blood is an expression of our common humanity. That’s why we are proudly joining the Center for Interfaith Relations in recruiting blood donors from all across the nation. No matter where you live in the U.S., from July 1-31, you can join us by following this link to find a drive near you.

ROOTBOUND FARM is a family-run certified organic farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. We are passionate about the health of our community including the land, water, and air, the animals, and of course the people! Rootbound grows delicious, healthy, high-quality vegetables and grass-fed lamb for our community. Click here to order. 
Watch this video to learn more about OUR HOME PLACE MEAT, an initiative by THE BERRY CENTER. Shop their selection of Rose Veal here. 

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