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Harmony in Action


Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville will expand into a new campus in the heart of the city. The New Vision of Health Campus will be a world-class research center studying how to improve environmental and social conditions for better health. It will bring together the academy and the community to develop citizen scientists learning how to make decisions through the lens of all forms of health.


Co-Immunity Project

The purpose of this project is to help healthcare workers determine if they have been unknowingly exposed to COVID-19, to measure how much immunity was generated by such exposure, and to identify those with the best immune responses as donors of high quality plasma for rescue treatment of patients with advanced COVID-19. The data will be used by scientists worldwide who are working to determine whether quantitative antibody measurements can be used to predict immunity in the overall workforce.


The Circle of Harmony & Health Curriculum

The Center for Healthy Air, Water & Soil in the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute is evaluating a simple tool that is intended to help you think about checking in on your wellbeing via a simple text message. The research application adapts the Harmony model of health into a free automated text message. The Center hopes to learn if active reflection about different aspects of your health can make a difference during these challenging times.




The Envirome Institute

The Envirome Institute was founded in 2018 by Christina Lee Brown in partnership with The Institute for Healthy Air, Water & Soil. Together with it’s Directors, Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar and Dr. Ted Smith, the Institute is comprised of a transdisciplinary team of researchers whose mission it is to develop new approaches to promoting and preserving human health, and to increase the understanding that healthy air, water, and soil are keys to the health of all life.

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Green Heart

Green Heart Louisville is a unique study, and the first of its kind to rigorously and scientifically assess the impact of green space on air quality and health in urban communities. This project is examining if increasing greenness and health in urban community reduces the levels of air pollution in the neighborhood, decreasing the risk of heart disease, and increases outdoor activity and relationships between neighbors.




Sustain Magazine

Sustain Magazine is an environmental health focused publication from the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute that features discussion and research about sustainability issues and solutions. It is a resource for faculty, staff, students, and research partners designed to contribute to greater understanding and appreciation of environmental health research across the University community, public and private decision-makers in Louisville and across the United States.


We Are Nature

Learn how HRH Prince Charles talks about Nature, Harmony, and all forms of Health.


What is True Cost Accounting?

In April 2013, the SFT convened a meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, to discuss the development of a new economic model for food and farming.


Applying Principles of Harmony to Learning

Read about how the Ashley C of E Primary School in the UK is pioneering a curriculum based on Nature’s principles of Harmony.


Harmony & Health in Louisville

Learn how the Circle of Harmony & Health has influenced Louisville’s built environment.


Healthy Plants Collection

Nanz & Kraft Florists has partnered with the Center for Healthy Air, Water, & Soil at the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute to offer the Healthy Plants Collection. The Healthy Plant Collection will bring greenness to your indoor environment and can help improve mental wellbeing and air quality!


JA BizTown Students Focus on Being Healthy

Read about a new partnership, the University of Louisville’s Center for Healthy Air, Water & Soil and Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana have created a new job within JA’s Sam Swope BizTown.

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Harmony is a replicable model of health for every community. We’re putting it into action in our own. Reflected by the interconnected petals of the Circle of Harmony & Health, we know that all forms of health are important to build a truly healthy world. Our impact on the planet – positive or not – is far reaching, affecting every human and every environment. The Harmony Mission is about identifying these relationships between all forms of health, and improving our future together.

Harmony & Health

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