The Notebook (Issue 14)
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The week of November 8th, 2021

Having access to a healthy environment is a human right. The UN Human Rights Council made this important declaration earlier this month, acknowledging the damaging effects of climate change and environmental destruction across the world, particularly on more vulnerable populations. “We must build on this momentum to move beyond the false separation of environmental action and protection of human rights. It is all too clear that neither goal can be achieved without the other,” the Council’s High Commissioner described. We are thrilled with the UN’s decision to prioritize this crisis for our global community, addressing the challenges through the lens of multiple forms of health.

Especially during the pandemic, we have spent much time pondering what the future of Health will look like. Not only have we focused on our physical health, but also on how our approach to all forms of health can affect these changes: cultural, environmental, nutritional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and economic. We find it so important to be mindful of this interconnectedness of health on a global and local scale.

Louisville’s upcoming Festival of Faiths, from November 18-21, will be a brilliant example of this interconnected work in action through the lenses of cultural, intellectual, and spiritual health. The Festival theme this year is “Sacred Change: Essential Conversations on Faith and Race” and will examine issues of systemic racism in America and the role of spirituality in healing from the trauma of oppression. The program seeks to “celebrate the unique beauty, power, and strength of the Black faith experiences while facing the profoundly brutal outcomes of genocide, slavery, and 'profit at any cost'.”

Please do join us as renowned speakers and artists from all over America help us to explore pathways to truth, repair, and hope. The Festival will be held at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and you can find the full program here, purchase tickets here, or join at no cost virtually here.

Ked Stanfield, Executive Director of Louisville Grows shares his insight on the New York Times guest opinion piece by Eugenia C. South "To Combat Gun Violence, Clean Up the Neighborhood". "The interconnection between living in a neighborhood with a green footprint, clean streets and maintained vacant homes is highlighted by this project and the impact it has on residents, their feelings of support and the value placed on them by their city. Such collaborative approaches could be taken in Louisville to address parts of neighborhoods that face the highest rates of crime and poverty."

Spalding University’s Doctor of Education (EdD) Leadership program welcomes the public to join Kentucky-native Brent Leggs in a discussion that will explore concepts and applications related to the value of diversity, inclusion, and ethics in organizational leadership. Click here to learn more and register for this free event!

Cultural Health Advocacy: Help Enhance the Federal Historic Tax Credit - Learn More & Contact Your Representatives Today!
Please register and join in the Nov 18th celebration of India through faith, the arts and our shared universal values. Enjoy Indian music, poetry, dance, film, art, book signing, food, and the wisdom of Thomas Merton & Tagore. The event leads into the annual Festival of Faiths, which begins at 7pm the same day. 
As we know, healthy air, water, and soil are crucial to the foundation of a thriving community. This op-ed by Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity explores a deep dive into the realities of the ever changing climate and the volatile swings between drought and storms.
As we strive to create a more compassionate Louisville through health, wellness, and community, we invite you to join Dick Sisto, Kenny Werner, and Owsley Brown III for the upcoming “Engaging Compassion Jazz Concert” on Sunday, November 14th at 3:00pm. Featuring music written for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 2013 visit to Louisville, this event is one you won’t want to miss. Click here to learn more!

Also, check out the upcoming Music for Harmony and Tranquility class led by renowned jazz musician Dick Sisto.
KENTUCKY'S VACCINE DISTRIBUTION is now open to everyone ages 5 and older. Here is a listing of the various providers and locations for vaccine availability. We have found this tool, Vaccine Spotter, helpful for consolidating providers and showing availability. 

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