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The week of October 26, 2020

THERE IS NO DOUBT that we are in a tremendously anxious time as we continue to process the growing COVID-19 pandemic, racial realities in our city, and anticipate our ever-important election results. In this critical moment, we find ourselves asking, what would we be doing if we were making all our decisions through the lens of Health?

Please do watch our latest video on the relevance of Health and Harmony in this moment. As Sadiqa Reynolds says in the video: "What will I leave my children? What will I leave the people I am willing to die for?" As we each watch the video and ask ourself that vitally important question, please then spend a few minutes thinking about how to maximize your Health and our collective Health in the coming days. Please share with us your thoughts!

We continue to stay focused on the things that are of highest priority: advancing A Path Forward for racial justice in our city, combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, and building a future Louisville where Health can thrive for all. True Health, at its core, is Justice, and each of us in our city are calling out for Justice like never before. 

We must also take great care of ourselves during this time — tending to our Health in all its forms: spiritual, cultural, physical, nutritional, economic, environmental, psychological and intellectual. 

Our dear friend and one of our city's great leaders, Ralph de Chabert, did an absolutely beautiful and incredibly moving interview with WHAS 11. As we are all struggling to make progress at this moment, Ralph de Chabert's voice inspires and comforts us as we grow our understanding and empathy that is vitally important to improving our communities Health realities today. Please watch with us as we each consider our contributions to our city. Thank you, Ralph, for sharing your experience and your thoughtfulness for the future of an equitable and Healthy Louisville. 
CHECK OUT THIS Basic Meditation Guide, from Festival of Faith’s weekly newsletter and click here to see past Reflections. This series seeks to share insight, wisdom and inspiration. Our hope is that these written words will spur meaningful reflection and serve as a beacon of hope amid challenging times.
COVID-19 CASES ARE HIGHER - by almost 10% - in Western Louisville, The Co-Immunity Project reported recently, based on 2,000 randomized tests taken in September. This news supports the wider narrative that our Black and brown communities are disproportionately affected by this virus. The Courier Journal released this great article on the report. This data reminds us that it is critical to foster trust and listen to the voices within our community, in order to work toward a Healthier Louisville. We are very thankful for the coverage of the The Co-Immunity Project in a recent Brunswick feature and truly hope that a focus on Health - in all forms! - can be placed at the center of all approaches to building a more equitable society. Please get tested regularly! 

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